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Railway infrastructure

Own Railway infrastructure (more than 6800m) of JSC "BALTIC COAL TERMINAL" is able to handle up to 500 railcars per day.


For the positioning of railcars in the complex of car dumpers, manoeuvring positioners are in use, one positioner for each of the two lines of railcars unloading procedure.

Heater (thawing device)

To facilitate and accelerate the unloading of railcars in the winter, before the railcar dumpers, the heating of the railcars is made, where coal goes through a film thawing.

STC (Side Tipplers' complex)

STC can handle up to 48 railcars per hour.

Hammer crushers

For crushing the coal on top of bunker’s grating, hammer crushers are used.

Dedusting system (aspiration )

To protect the environment from coal dust in all the stages of unloading / loading, system of aspiration is installed, including the complex of car dumpers, all stages of transfer from one conveyor to the another conveyor (in transfer stations) and in the coal warehouse.

The system of belt conveyors

The system of belt conveyors allows parallel unloading / loading of coal at a warehouse / ship, in combinations to maximize effectiveness of using the capacity of terminal. The total length of the conveyor lines is about 2.5 km.

Coal storage

Coal warehouse with total capacity of 210 000 tonnes is equipped with dropping truck (stacker), which performs top-loading. Coal is piled in three warehouse sections, capacity of each section is 70 000 tonnes. Before loading into the warehouse, magnetic separation of coal is carried out.

The dropping truck (stacker)

The loading of warehouse is performed by the dropping truck with capacity up to 3000 tons/hour.

Portal frame reclaimer

The unloading of the warehouse is performed by the portal frame reclaimer with capacity up to 3000 tons/hour.

Crushing plant

After a complex of car dumpers, the crashing of coal can be done to fraction 0-50 mm on shear roller crashers.

Magnetic separation

Initial magnetic cleaning is carried out before loading of coal into a warehouse for temporary storage or during unloading of railcars directly in the vessel. Before loading of coal on board of the vessel, 2nd stage of coal magnetic separation shall be made.


While loading a vessel - autosampler for sampling is used.


Loading of the vessel is carried out by shiploader with the capacity of loading up to 3000 tons / hour. Technical equipment of the terminal allows to handle vessels up to 270 meters length, carrying up to 120 000 tons and a draft up to 15 meters.

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